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Unlock a world of endless opportunities with our education programs designed to ignite your passion, level up your skills, challenge your intellect, and prepare you for success in the dynamic world of game development and IT. Don’t settle for ordinary when you can embark on an extraordinary educational journey with us.

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ECHO School programs


Gain the knowledge and skills needed to create captivating and immersive games. You’ll cover topics such as game concept and level design, game prototyping and production, alongside communication and leadership skills.

BA (Hons)
3 years undergraduate program


Learn how to create games and interactive experiences. Develop your skills in games programming, gameplay mechanics, graphics, game networking, and game audio which you’ll use to prototype games.

BSc (Hons)
3 years undergraduate program


Equip yourself with the necessary practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and creative tools you need to explore and build your digital arts practice. You’ll lead the design and production of a range of creative content for computer games, digital illustration, concept art, animation, visual effects and much more.

BA (Hons)
3 years undergraduate program


Learning @Echo School

At Echo School it’s all about you! You will receive educational support, in a culture of pride and respect, to grow your talent and get quality education, as well as quality of student experience. Join us on an unforgettable educational journey filled with knowledge, networking and opportunities.

Delivered by industry experts

Meet some of our industry experts

Step into a world of game development excellence as you familiarize yourself with our lecturers. With their extensive experience in top-tier industry companies, they’re ready to provide you with a personalized and exceptional educational journey.

Miruna Vozaru​

Level Designer, Tactile Entertainment

Cristian Cornea​

Lead Programmer, Ubisoft Romania

Marian Poiana

Regional Head of Art, Amber

Ionut Solomon

Game Design Director, Maximus Entertainment

Testimonials from INDUSTRY EXPERTS

Designed by experienced developers for aspiring developers like you!



Passionate and experienced lecturers

Our courses offer a top-notch learning experience, providing you the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the competitive job market of IT and video game development. With industry-leading professionals as your teachers, you’ll receive unparalleled guidance and mentorship throughout your educational journey.

Practice based and interactive lectures

At Echo School we designed the programs to provide you with concrete knowledge that will set you apart from the rest. Say goodbye to boring lectures and hello to a vibrant, interactive learning experience. Join us for an epic educational adventure and set the cornerstone for a thriving career.

Secure your future career in the industry

Stepping into the gaming industry isn’t just about a job – it is about joining a dynamic community of passionate developers and a vibrant industry that offers limitless opportunities for personal and professional growth.


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